began for us.

MIDDLEBAR evolved from our love of music, cooking, cocktailing, design, and hospitality.
We've grown over the years from a food lab and blog, to an underground private supper club, to a boutique cocktail catering service,and now we are very excited to launch.

decades of rigorous testing and
drinking to perfect.

When we finally nailed it (during the Saints Superbowl season of 2009!!! Who Dat?!), we realized our hand-crafted, small-batch mary mix was so special, she needed an entourage. Hence, we learned to pickle.

Luckily, we have family in Portland.

We'd go to the farmers markets, and see what kinds of local vegetables needed pickling. We'd stroll through and croon over all the fresh fruits and produce, all the local business owners, all the good that the markets bring out in people,
and in communities.

We'd come back to MIDDLEBAR inspired, with all the freshest ingredients for cooking & cocktailing.

Our HOUSE CHERRIES, along with our entire line of SEASONAL SYRUPS came from this concept as well. Using farmers markets as inspiration, we'd design simple and elegant menus. Then, we'd craft a perfect drink. Then we'd figure out how to make it easy for anyone to make.

We want everyone to know the joy of having a hand-crafted cocktail in the comfort of your own space. In fact, creating a middle area between you and your favorite gastropub, is kinda what we're all about. We're MIDDLEBAR, after all.

Corrie, a New Orleans native, and Home Economics Champion of Louisiana 1998 (TRUE FACT) was slinging drinks at Fat Harry's more than a decade before she brought her stylings to MiddleBar. After 10+ years in the television industry where she worked as a producer, Corrie is proud to be the president of MIDDLEBAR, LLC, and so excited to finally introduce the world to her baby, Mary.

Renie, a shrink with a successful private practice in Los Feliz, descends from 5 generations of scientists and healers. Her interest in Positive Psychology and Happiness drive her creativity. Her warmth and natural ease make her the consummate barkeep.

MiddleBar is an honest expression of who we are, where we come from, and what we believe in.

We are committed to ethical business practices, sustainable solutions for living, and making a positive contribution to our community. As such, we donate 10% of our business's earnings to charities that do good work on this earth. We are particularly engaged with sustainable agriculture, ending child hunger, and educating the community through volunteer work with Food Forward and other local and national organizations.